Medical Equipments & Consumables

We have been trading Medical Equipments and Consumables for over 10 years. We have a 500+ client base. We always faced it challenging to keep track of our sales resources, with their planning, execution and reporting. Most importantly the contact list. We had tried a couple of CRMs before but had to drop it abruptly in the middle for different factors like tedious work process, many unwanted modules, pricing, after-sales-support, etc.

In our quest for an easier, friendly and practical CRM with mobile app we came to know about HappSales from a very reliable Tech guy. We had a demo and in the very 1st interaction we decided that we will go for it. Since then we have been using it for last three months and so far we are happy with the product. We strongly believe for a CRM to succeed, ease of handling the modules with proper sales process is crucial rather than number of modules.

Our foremost concern was how easy it is to use? We were very happy to get a positive response immediately from our resources after a thorough training by the HappSales team. We asked for a few customizations which were promptly managed. After every new release, we have experienced considerable improvement . This is giving us confidence that we are with the right product; and our money and time will be well valued.

I wish all the very best to the HappSales team in their endeavor.

- Mr. Prasanta Kumar Sahu, Business Head