Sales Velocity Management

Measure and improve sales velocity with our automated sales velocity curve

Importance of Sales Velocity Management

Sales Velocity is a measure of the rate at which your deals move through your sales pipeline.  It is the only metric that indicates both the value and time aspects of a deal. 

It is a key performance indicator (KPI) to measure the effectiveness of sales and marketing efforts. It helps you to make informed decisions to improve and align your team’s efforts to achieve your business goals. A sales velocity equation uses four key metrics to depict the average revenue generated in a day.

Sales Velocity = (No. of Opportunities x Avg. Deal Value x Deal Win-Rate) / Length of Sales Cycle in Day

Capabilities & Features

Using Sales CRM from HappSales, you can easily measure and improve sales velocity.

Once your team enters the information about their deals with respect to deal value and deal progress, our CRM will use the data points to automatically calculate sales velocity over a period of time. We call this the sales velocity curve.

Analysis of the sales velocity curve will provide you with actionable insights for better control over your business.

Sales Velocity Calculator

You can use the sales velocity calculator to calculate your current sales velocity, and also see how you can use these four levers to influence it – no. of opportunities, average deal value, win-rate percentage, and length of sales cycle in days

Benefits of using HappSales CRM

Here are some of the benefits of measuring and improving sales velocity diligently through our CRM:

Accurate Sales Forecasting

You can forecast your future sales accurately and know if you are on the right path to meet your goals

Better Sales Performance

You will be able to closely monitor your sales team’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and then give them the required guidance to improve their performance 

Reduce Inventory Cost

You can optimize your inventory levels and reduce your inventory cost due to better visibility into sales trends

Alignment between Sales and Marketing

Sales velocity depends on the quality of leads and the lead qualification process that has a direct impact on your deal conversions and sales cycle. This metric aligns both departments to take the necessary steps to improve these factors.

Manage Sales Pipeline Efficiently

Our Sales CRM will give you visibility into your sales pipeline, weighted pipeline, deal stages, deal value, closure probability, etc. You can closely monitor your sales pipeline and take the necessary steps to manage them better.

Improved Decision Making

Actionable insights will enable you to make informed decisions on marketing, promotions, sales reviews, account mapping strategy, staffing, budgets, etc. to improve business performance.

Identity Trends and Bottlenecks

You will be able to analyze the business trends and identify the bottlenecks early on. You can take the necessary steps and fix the gaps before it is too late. These gaps could be in your sales process, lead qualification, internal approval process, deal nurturing, solution fitment etc.

Drive Accountability

Tracking sales velocity will give you the right data points to hold your teams accountable for their performance.

Improve your sales velocity today to transform your business.

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