Efficient Accounts Receivable & Collection Management

Reduce DSO. Healthier Cash Flow.
Improve Working Capital.

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Efficient Accounts Receivable Management (AR) to run sustainable business

Accounts receivable management plays a pivotal role in any organization. Whether one is selling products or services, getting paid faster is probably the most critical aspect of running any business.

 While organizations have made huge investments in ERP and other accounting applications, most companies struggle to drive velocity in their Accounts receivable management operations due to inefficient and manual invoicing processes. 

There are many impediments and challenges preventing companies from collecting receivables in a timely manner.

Outcomes we help you achieve

Reduced Outstanding

by helping you manage your outstanding invoices better while you stay on top of your collections

Healthier Cash flow

by reducing customer credit cycle and time taken to receive payments

Improved Working Capital

significant cost saving with better payment processing

Accurate Forecasting

by providing visibility in to current status of unpaid invoices, due date and projections

Higher Efficiency & Productivity

of teams involved in AR and other account management process

Greater Team Collaboration

across departments and teams to facilitate a common goal by plugging all loop holes in execution

“Our foremost concern was how easy it is to use? We were very happy to get a positive response immediately from our resources after a thorough training by the HappSales team. We asked for a few customizations which were promptly managed. After every new release, we have experienced considerable improvement which is giving us confidence that we are with the right product and our money and time will be well valued.

Prasanta Sahu

Business Head – Medical Equipment Dealer

Prasanta sahu
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Accounts Receivable Management Capabilities

Mobile App for Reps

Your mobile warriors can effortlessly manage day-to-day activities, customer follow-ups based on the different payment options given to clients, reminders on unpaid invoices with the ability to easily capture updates and payment information. They can easily capture customer interaction details against every activity for better visibility and superior execution to maintain a healthy cash flow and enhanced customer relationships.

On-Time Scheduling

Electronic invoicing helps in automated scheduling of payment cycles and process payments as per the payment terms agreed with customers

Collection Activity Management and Reporting

Assign collection activities to owners, drive accountability and improve status visibility across stakeholders

Prompt Customer Communications and Reminders

Schedule and send timely communication to customers so that they promptly release payment and do not miss out on deadlines

Team collaboration with workflows

Supports collaboration across departments viz. sales, collections, accounts etc. to drive the end goal of collecting payments faster

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