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Sales activity management is an integral part of Execution Excellence. It refers to the different tasks and activities managed by your client-facing teams from marketing, sales, service, operations teams, etc.

Sales activity management helps users to manage and perform their tasks in a timely manner. You can keep track of all the tasks and activities required within a sales process. This increases overall operational efficiency, reduces operational costs, and boosts revenues.

Problems we solve

Managing tasks & activities is cumbersome

Your sales reps might consider the sales process of managing all tasks and activities as boring and time-consuming. Manual and conventional ways of managing activities can get overwhelming causing a drain on resources. It gets even more difficult for your sales teams to manage many types of activities like sales calls, meetings, demos, service visits, collections, etc.

Activity reporting is time-consuming

Creating, submitting, and reviewing activity reports take a lot of time. A lot of efficiency and sales team’s productivity gets lost in this process, especially if you are relying on many worksheets. Happsales sales activity management feature can help effectively.

Missing customer commitments and follow-ups

Timely fulfillment of customer commitments and continuous follow-ups is an essential part of client-facing operations. While your sales teams are juggling many activities, they might fail to track sales activities and meet client expectations consistently in the absence of an effective tool. This inefficiency can have adverse impact on customer satisfaction levels, revenue generation, and customer retention.

No real-time visibility

Having real-time visibility of all activities performed in an account or opportunity is very important. In the absence of this, sales managers and sales leaders will not be able to analyze and make proactive decisions for better outcomes. It also slows down your review and feedback processes. You will fail in plugging the gaps in sales execution thereby bringing down overall efficiency.

Capabilities & Features

Most comprehensive & unified sales activity management module

Activities are of various kinds viz. sales calls, meetings, demos, service visits, collections, calls, trade shows, etc. Our unified sales activity management screen with simplified menu options makes it very easy for you to manage all your activities from one place without you having to navigate multiple screens to get your job done. HappSales provides you the most comprehensive solution to help you manage all your sales activities and tasks in the most efficient way.

Digital-assistant to make it simple & fast

We leverage ML and NLP technologies to provide users with a unique digital-assistant. With sales activity management feature, you can easily create and manage activities through simple commands to the digital-assistant. These tasks do not get perceived as a cumbersome chore.

Voice-enabled app for capturing activity details

Our voice-enabled mobile CRM app with Copilot allows you to capture activity details effortlessly. You can simply dictate notes on-the-go instead of typing long texts, saving them a lot of time and effort.

Set reminders and follow-up activities with ease

They say fortune lies in follow-ups! Using the reminder and follow-up features, you can easily set them up. Timely notifications and alerts make sure you never miss out on important tasks and client commitments. 

Automated and seamless reporting with dashboards

Our automated reporting capabilities takes away the burden of manual reporting by users. Reports get automatically and seamlessly generated when your sales teams create, update, track and manage all activities. A graphical representation of the trends provides insights to sales leaders into client engagements, its frequency, recency, sales activities performed by sales reps etc. This enables the sales managers to understand the total no. of activities required for client engagements. This helps in resource allocations, recognise high performance and reward performing reps.

Activity status management

Tasks and calendar management becomes effective only if you are able to easily manage the status of your activities. Using the app, you can easily categorize the status as either planned, in-process or completed. Our intuitive dashboard shows a broad view of all overdue, planned and completed activities. It also shows the upcoming activities for that particular day, week, etc. Having a separate list for overdue activities ensures that no activities get missed.

Easy activity tagging

Our CRM app makes it very easy for you to tag and link activities accurately to an account, contact or an opportunity. This will help you and your team to quickly fetch and analyze activities under each of these sections. This also facilitates comprehensive reporting for better understanding of the time and efforts put in under the saccounts, contacts or opportunities.

Attach documents and images

HappSales CRM provides you with a provision to attach activity-related documents and images. That way you can maintain all your records in one section for easy access and retrieval.

Customized activity forms

Your team members might be required to fill certain forms for certain activities they complete. These forms could include service completion forms, demo feedback forms, etc. which might also require customer’s signature. We provide customized activity forms as per client requirements.

Create activity-related expenses for reimbursements

Your users may want to manage expenses involved while performing certain activities. These could include travel expenses, food expenses, etc. Using our app, you can easily manage these expenses and submit for reimbursements. This also allows you to streamline and better manage your budgets and expense reporting.

Collaborate with team members for joint-activities

There might be certain joint-activities you may want to execute along with your colleagues.

You can easily add additional team members to these activities and collaborate with them.  This enables efficient team work and seamless collaboration for better business results.

Benefits of using HappSales

Complete control on your work schedule

With the most comprehensive set of capabilities, HappSales serves as a centralized hub for managing all tasks and activities. It allows you to always be in control of your time and calendar. You will be better organized with well-structured data and no longer feel stressed about not meeting your scheduled commitments.

Increased productivity

With voice enabled copilot, you can easily capture and retrieve various activity details. It significantly reduces the time and effort involved, thereby increasing your team’s productivity. This enables your team to get their work done faster and effectively.

Better & informed management decisions

Our automated and comprehensive activity reporting provides valuable insights. These insights are critical for making informed decisions for better business outcomes. With better visibility and control on overall business execution, you are always on top of your business. Analyzing activity trends will help you assess your team’s performance better, optimize resource allocation, and improve company efficiency.

Improved customer satisfaction & retention

With HappSales’ capabilities to set up follow-up activities, reminders, and notifications, you will never miss client commitments and timelines. Consistency in honoring client commitments go a long way in winning client’s trust, confidence and reputation over a period of time. Timely and continuous client engagements will have a very positive impact on your customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Greater compliance & hygiene for better business execution

The quality of your business execution hugely depends on the compliance and hygiene levels. Our digital-assistant will guide you and your team diligently while you are executing and completing tasks.  This makes sure that your business relies on process standardization rather than it being very people dependent.

Improved profitability through reduced cost of operations

Efficient sales activity management, automated reporting, and higher team productivity will significantly reduce your cost of operations. All these factors play a massive role in helping you grow your business profitability.

Optimized activity-related expenses

With our capabilities to manage activity expenses, you will be able to make your expense reimbursement process very efficient. Streamlining this process will help you optimize your budget and activity-related expenses.

Using a deep repository of account related information, you can track purchasing trends, analyze business patterns, and predict events. Data-driven insights will equip you with the right information required to make informed decisions for your business.

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