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One of the most important pillars in a Key Account Management framework is Account Intelligence. It encompasses real time valuable information about the target accounts that you and your team members are working with.

These accounts are organizations in the B2B context and end-consumers in the case of B2C. These include net-new accounts, prospective clients as well as your paying customers. In some cases, it also applies to your business and channel partners, your distributors, dealers, etc.

Strategic account intelligence involves gathering and leveraging vital information about the accounts for deeper account management, account based marketing and relationship management. These include the size of the account, business potential, sales history, industry segment, stakeholders, decision makers and their hierarchy, their buying process, business plans, competition details etc.

Problems we solve

Below-par sales performance

Limited visibility on target accounts and access to key account intelligence limits your team’s ability to engage with clients meaningfully. Without this valuable real time information, your team will fail to identify new opportunities. They will miss out on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities required to grow your wallet-share in the account.

Low productivity due to scattered information

Unorganized, unstructured, and scattered client data poses significant challenges for customer-facing teams.  It becomes difficult to extract required information if data is scattered across disparate systems and in different formats. Your team members end up wasting a lot of their precious time in searching and collecting relevant information. This results in unnecessary delays and reduces team productivity. Overcome this issue with Account Intelligence features on Happsales CRM.

Ineffective decision-making

In the absence of a holistic view of Accounts, you and your team will not be able to make effective business decisions. Good decisions and actionable insights are only possible when you have a centralized system to store account information in a structured way.

Poor Collaboration

Your teams will fail to effectively collaborate if they do not have access to accurate and updated account information. They will not align their efforts in the right direction and there will be a lack of effective communication between the members. These will lead to potential errors, delayed service levels, missed opportunities, etc. that will not enable them to deliver consistent results.

Dissatisfied clients

Your team will not be able to serve your clients well with limited information about them. This will negatively impact customer satisfaction and retention levels.

Data-loss due to team attrition

It is quite common to lose valuable client data on account of team attrition. When team member’s leave, valuable client intelligence gets lost that could have given you a competitive edge. An effective centralized system to capture key account intelligence minimizes the risk of data loss, and goes a long way in ensuring business continuity. All critical information related to clients are always available and accessible to any member at any given point of time.

Capabilities & Features

360-degree strategic account intelligence

Our software application supports deep account intelligence serving your strategic needs. This information serves as a centralized repository providing valuable information as and when required. It encompasses details about the account, all stakeholders, decision makers, their alignment, company hierarchy, company size, industry segment, competition details, sales history, business potential, and many such parameters required to give you an edge over your competitors. It thus helps to integrate market intelligence seamlessly.

Powered by voice-commands  

HappSales mobile CRM app supports voice commands. Using these voice commands, you can effortlessly create new accounts and capture account details with ease. You can dictate necessary information to be captured on-the-go. This helps in eliminating  manual data entry, thereby saving a lot of time and effort.

Digital-assistant to guide

Ami, our digital-assistant, serves as a guide for the end-users at every step in the process. It acts like a knowledgeable  companion helping you through the tasks while using our CRM app. With guidance from Ami, you will be able to drive a consistent process and also improve adoption of CRM software.

Automated account-duplication checks

Our CRM app uses an algorithm to check for account-duplicates when a user tries to create a new account. The algorithm does a background check and immediately alerts the user if an account already exists. This makes sure that your database is always accurate and clean.

Attach documents & images

There are some account-specific documents and images that you might need to save for easy retrieval. You can easily store these attachments within our CRM tagged to a specific client. These documents can then be easily accessed and retrieved as and when required, serving as a reference point for all members during client interactions.

Easy navigation from one screen

HappSales CRM for Key Account Management helps businesses to effectively manage all valuable client information in one single screen.  This centralized application is designed and organized in a way that users can access and update information seamlessly, eliminating the efforts to switch between multiple screens.

Share accounts for collaboration

This feature is useful when you have multiple team members involved in the same account. In which case, you can share those accounts among team members so that they can individually manage their set of opportunities and activities in the account. It could also allow you to foster collaboration and teamwork among your team members to collectively enhance customer experience.

Segment accounts accurately

Pareto 80-20 principle applies in sales too when you want to understand which 20% of your clients contribute to 80% of your business. Segmenting clients accurately helps you categorize them based on certain parameters. These parameters could be account type, industry, revenue potential, past revenue, number of employees etc.   Creating segments like Platinum, Gold or Silver will help you to come up with segment-specific go-to-market (GTM). It also helps you in carrying out personalized campaigns and drive specific plans to succeed in each of them.

Benefits of using HappSales

Unmatched competitive advantage 

By leveraging our CRMs comprehensive account intelligence, your organization profits by gaining valuable strategic insights about your clients and all key stakeholders. It gives you a competitive edge to tailor your marketing and sales strategies to meet client expectations, thereby helping you to always stay ahead of competition.

Grow revenue through cross-sell & up-sell opportunities 

Rich account intelligence will allow you to analyze data and identify new cross-sell as well as up-sell opportunities. Your sales and marketing team could accordingly come up with appropriate sales and marketing efforts to close deals and maximize revenue. Better understanding of the client’s buying process and future business plans will give you an upper hand to suggest relevant products or services at the right time. This will help you increase market share and revenue.

High customer satisfaction through key account management

Comprehensive knowledge about your prospective accounts and a key account management framework will allow you to build long-term meaningful relationships. Understanding your client’s unique needs and preferences will help you offer personalized solutions from time-to-time. Prompt and proactive support with the right actionable insights go a long way in improving customer satisfaction, enhancing customer experience and customer retention.

Improved productivity powered by voice-commands

Our voice-enabled mobile app empowered by machine learning will allow users to use their voice to capture account details without the need for manual and cumbersome data-entry. This allows them to perform their tasks in less time and improves team productivity significantly.

Better process compliance through digital-assistant

Guided by our digital-assistant, users follow a specific process while capturing account details. This guidance at every step in the process improves compliance and governance. A disciplined approach is a necessary ingredient required for any business transformation and also contributes to improved sales outcomes.

Saves time & effort with higher CRM adoption

Our unified interface eliminates the need to switch between multiple screens. Accessing all account related information in one screen saves a lot of time and effort. It helps to enhance overall efficiency and CRM adoption.

Informed decision-making 

Using a deep repository of account related information, you can track purchasing trends, analyze business patterns, and predict events. Data-driven insights will equip you with the right information required to make informed decisions for your business.

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