Contact Intelligence

Most comprehensive contact intelligence for stakeholder management

Importance of Contact Intelligence

HappSales Contact Intelligence also called as customer intelligence deals with contact management and valuable information about all the key contacts, also called stakeholders, working at the client organization. These contacts could be sponsors, decision makers, influencers, or end-users across all the departments.

In sales, there is a saying that “people buy from people”. This is especially true in the case of relationship-oriented sales. Having up-to-date information about all the key contacts in a structured way in a CRM will empower all team members to build long-term client relationships and meaningful engagements.

Problems we solve

Poor productivity due to unavailability of a centralized database

Fragmented contact information can lead to many inaccuracies in your client records. This results in delayed communication that reduces your team’s efficiency and productivity. Contact Intelligence can help you to overcome this issue.

Inability to close deals faster

Incomplete contact intelligence or having outdated information about the key stakeholders affects your team’s ability to close deals faster. Not having the right contact of the decision maker or not updated about their roles, responsibilities, department, preferences etc. is a big hindrance. Due to this inadequacy, your sales team will waste their time and effort with wrong stakeholders. All this leads to extended sales cycles and missed opportunities.

Loss of valuable information during attrition & restructuring

You lose vital customer intelligence whenever your team members leave your organization or when there is an internal restructuring. Both these scenarios are quite common. This leakage will bring down your competitive advantage and market-share if you fail to retain this intelligence.

Inadequate client relationship 

Inaccurate client databases lead to ineffective and un-personalized customer experiences. They end up feeling not-so-special. It hampers your ability to build customer trust and confidence. Dissatisfied clients reduce customer retention and repeat business from existing clients.

Capabilities & Features

Voice-enabled App with Digital Assistant

HappSales CRM app is voice-enabled and leverages NLP technology to help users manage their contacts easily. Our digital assistant acts like your personal assistant to help you create contact details on-the-fly. It is always available to guide you at every step.

Most Comprehensive Contact Intelligence

HappSales CRM provides the most comprehensive capabilities for stakeholder management, and it goes beyond just contact details, its Contact Intelligence. You will be able to capture a lot of valuable information about every contact. You can update the contact’s department details along with their designation, roles and responsibilities. You will also be able to map the contact to their respective reporting managers, etc.

Organization Hierarchy

Based on the reporting manager details, HappSales CRM uses an algorithm to automatically create and depict your client’s hierarchy structure, also called organization hierarchy chart. That way, you and your team members can easily see who reports into whom and how they need to navigate the account for better outcomes. It is a very powerful way to improve overall account mapping and coverage.

Business Card Scanning

Using HappSales mobile CRM app, you can easily capture the contact details by just  scanning the contact’s business card. You need not spend a lot of time manually capturing all the details, thereby saving a lot of time with our conatct intelligence feature. You will also minimize human errors at the time of manual data-entry.

Unlimited Contacts

HappSales CRM supports an unlimited number of contacts without any restrictions of any kind. You need not worry about crossing any limits on the number of contacts. There will not be any need for you to upgrade your software package to accommodate your business growth needs.

Contact Alignment

Using a simple dropdown menu in the app, you can easily map if a contact is a supporter, neutral, or against. This helps you to come up with relevant customer engagement strategies to influence and convert your contacts into supporters and ambassadors of your business.

Birthday Reminder

There is a provision to enter the contact’s birthday details with an option to set reminders with our contact intelligence feature.  This helps you in a big way to build customer intimacy and long-term relationships.

Reference History

Using this section, you can easily capture details of customer referrals provided by your contacts. This serves as an important data-point to understand how happy your contact is and if the person is willing to become your ambassador. With this confidence, you can invite these contacts to be part of your success stories and events.

Mapping with Account

All the contacts entered will be mapped with the respective account that they are part of. With this you can easily understand the company structure and account mapping strategy. Reporting and retrieval of information also becomes very easy with this contact intelligence feature.

Seamless import and export

We can easily import and export contacts using our CRM. This is specifically useful while migrating from other systems as well as bringing the contacts in your mobile device into the CRM.

Easy Search

We offer different filters and tags using which users can find and retrieve contacts efficiently. Our intuitive user-interface and design allows users to easily search and retrieve relevant information effortlessly.

Benefits of using HappSales CRM

Increase in productivity

Our voice-enabled app supported by NLP makes it very easy and convenient for users to manage their contacts. The digital-assistant helps you to seamlessly enter data with minimal time and effort. With this, they will not need extensive training to get started with the app.

Accurate contact information

The inbuilt business card scanning feature, enhanced by contact intelligence, helps you to eliminate manual errors. This approach ensures your contact information is always complete and accurate, bolstering effective personalized communication.

Increased market share

Having 360-degree information about your contacts, enriched by contact intelligence, helps you to effectively engage with them. You will be able to align with them better when you are aware of their priorities and preferences. This helps in identifying more cross-sell and upsell opportunities for you. This inturn helps you close more deals, increase revenue, and grow market share.

Shortened Sales Cycle

Features like organization hierarchy empowers your reps to improve account coverage and account mapping. With superior account management, your team members will closely work with the right stakeholders and help them meet their individual objectives. Such meaningful engagements will help you shorten sales cycles and close deals faster.

Efficient marketing campaigns

With all the contact details in one place, accurately tagged with contact intelligence, you will be able to execute your marketing campaigns efficiently. You can now personalize your marketing campaigns based on specific filters like departments, designations, locations, etc. Your messaging will resonate better with your target audience, helping you generate more leads with less marketing spend.

Informed decision making

A comprehensive and accurate database of contacts, enriched with contact intelligence, will provide you with ample insights to make informed decisions. It will improve team performance and give you a competitive advantage to steer your company’s growth.

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