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Lead Scoring, Lead Qualification, and Lead Management Software

Lead scoring and lead qualification are important steps in any CRM lead management software. It is important to implement an integrated scientific framework using lead management tools to make your lead management process efficient and effective.

HappSales lead management software powered by the BANTS lead scoring model provides a scientific process to help you exponentially improve your business.

Extending BANT lead scoring to the powerful BANTS model

The BANT lead scoring framework helps your marketing team to qualify leads by assessing the prospect for Budget (B), Authority (A), Need (N), and Timeline (T).

The new BANTS lead scoring model also includes one more parameter called Solution Fitment (S).

Score your leads based on –

Budget (B) – your assessment of the prospect’s budget

Authority (A) – the contact’s ability to influence or make the decision

Need (N) – your understanding of the prospect’s needs and requirements

Timeline (T) – the prospect’s timeframe for making the decision

Solution Fitment (S) – your solution-fitment to meet the prospect’s requirements

Steps involved in HappSales CRM Lead Management Software

Step 1 – Your marketing team member connects with the prospect and assigns a score against each of the above parameters.

Step 2 – HappSales lead scoring algorithm calculates an overall lead score

Step 3 – Based on the lead score, the lead is categorized as one of the following – Hot, Warm, or Cold.

Step 4 – Marketing creates a “Marketing Qualified Lead” (MQL) and assigns the lead to a respective sales team member for him or her to further pursue the opportunity.

Step 5 – Sales team member further qualifies the lead into a “Sales Qualified Lead” (SQL)

Key benefits of HappSales CRM lead management software

Strategic investment for a competitive advantage

HappSales CRM lead management software is a strategic investment that can give you a competitive advantage in helping you grow your market share. It gives you the power to transform your business and build a foundation for future growth.

Accurate lead scoring and lead qualification through BANTS

BANTS delivers the most accurate and scientific lead-scoring model to identify the right prospects for sales.

Better deal conversions

An improved lead qualification process will help your team maximize lead conversion rates with the least effort.

Increased productivity

Team productivity will increase with your team prioritizing its efforts and focusing on the right prospects.

Minimize lead leakages

Our robust and comprehensive CRM lead management system and lead tracking system makes sure that all leads are managed in a structured way all in one place. This eliminates any kind of lead leakages.

Improved collaboration between the marketing & sales team

HappSales CRM lead management system facilitates tighter alignment and collaboration between your marketing and sales team. Both teams will work now toward a common goal that will help them achieve their objectives faster.

Reduce customer acquisition costs (CAC)

You will drastically reduce your customer acquisition costs when your deal conversions improve with reduced sales cycles and sales efforts.

Run a predictable business with an improved pipeline

A robust and accurate lead management system is an integral part of the sales process and will help you to better manage your pipeline. This in turn will help you run a predictable business. 

Operational efficiency

A streamlined process through our unique approach will significantly improve the operational efficiency of your marketing team. Lead generation is done through marketing campaigns using social media, email marketing etc., Therefore it is important that the leads generated are nurtured well before it is passed on to the sales team. A CRM lead management software will help you optimize efforts, time, and resources without the need for increasing your spending.

Easy to implement and use

HappSales CRM lead management software is very easy and user-friendly to implement and use. Your teams can effortlessly adopt the framework without the need for extensive training.

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