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Smarter selling powered by personal-assistant

B2B sales teams face many challenges

Sales reps are constantly under pressure to do more with less. Account executives (AEs) have to grow revenues and be more productive in less time with fewer resources at hand.

Less than 40% of their time go into revenue-generating activities. A large part of their bandwidth goes in mundane tasks that have very little impact on their business goals.

Most B2B sales reps find conventional Sales CRM software very cumbersome, time consuming and not easy to use. They don’t find them adding value to their work. Low user-adoption and high costs make these systems a very risky investment for enterprises.

Also, attrition among sales teams is high. Organizations routinely lose out on quality talent and  reps’ market intelligence coupled with important customer data that could have been leveraged to outperform competition.

These are the reasons why there is a need for a next-gen B2B Sales CRM that focuses on end-user productivity and happiness. After all, happier teams make sure business happens!


Most user-friendly B2B Sales CRM

Making Sales & Account Management easy

HappSales B2B Sales CRM Software is envisioned and built to enhance customer experience with sales reps at the center of the design. The Sales CRM app leverages AI-powered personal digital assistant coupled with intuitive UX to extraordinarily simplify a sales professional’s life.

While sales reps can now effortlessly manage account intelligence, sales activities , sales pipeline and build meaningful customer relationships, organizations can focus on sales velocity, team productivity and sales process excellence. HappSales unique Sales CRM for B2B Business makes account management easy and effective.

The app leverages AI-powered personal assistant coupled with intuitive UX to simplify a sales professional’s life.

Reps can now effortlessly manage account intelligence, sales activities and build meaningful customer relationships.

Organizations can focus on sales velocity, team productivity and process excellence.

Sales execution made simple using an AI-powered personal-assistant

Every rep will now have a personal assistant to help them sell smarter and faster at all times. Reps become much more productive in carrying out their day-to-day activities. Guided selling by the assistant significantly improves user adoption, engagement and process compliance.

Voice-Enabled for Easy Data Capture

Intelligent and Best Sales CRM for B2B Sales

Why choose HappSales CRM?

Achieve your business outcomes

Accelerated B2B Sales Velocity

with the ability to measure and improve critical sales KPIs like average deal value, sales cycle, win rate etc.

Faster Deal Conversion Rate

through enriched sales agility and effective sales coaching 

Better Productivity

with sales reps having more time to effortlessly focus on their core activities using a personal assistant; that would help them to sell better and faster

Superior Competitive Advantage

through 360-degree visibility into account intelligence that feeds sales strategy and performance in B2B (Business to Business) sales.

Enhanced Sales Excellence

through a consistent methodology, compliance and improved customer relationship

Greater Adoption & Uptake

with a user-centric, intuitive and easy-to-use app that does not require any training to get started. Sales Reps can use the app even while they are offline.

Steps in Lead management System

Capabilities of the all-in-one Sales CRM for B2B

Allows reps to easily capture every bit of information about their accounts and contacts they engage with. The personal assistant helps them to effortlessly feed intelligence while on-the-move or waiting for a meeting. Critical customer information like activity history, key stakeholders, meeting notes, buying process, and other account dynamics is always available for informed decision making. Read more


Reps can easily create and update contact details by scanning business cards and save time on data entry. Helps build reliable, accurate and complete information about every customer contact. Makes sure customer database is always updated with every one having access to a profile they can trust. Read more

Every sales rep will now have a personal assistant to help them sell smarter and faster at all times. Reps become much more productive in carrying out their day-to-day activities. Guided selling by the assistant significantly improves user-adoption, engagement and process compliance. Read more

Our mobile app is voice-enabled so that users can easily capture data. Using voice, reps can now easily dictate the information they want to capture under their activity details, customer interactions, minutes of the meeting etc. They can now save a lot of time and effort by eliminating the need for cumbersome typing. This also motivates them to capture more intelligence about their customers and engagement details; adding to your competitive advantage.

Capture customer interactions and quick meeting notes against an account or contact even while the meeting is on. Access and view all minutes in one place within our Customer Relationship Management  platform to understand every nuance of the sales engagement and arrive at the right account and deal strategy. Helps you to be prepared and well informed for your next important customer meeting. Read more

Your sales and marketing team members can manage all enquiries and leads from a single console. This includes creation of leads and lead assignment to concerned teams for further lead qualification. You can also capture the lead source  to understand and analyze the efficiency of the marketing campaigns. This can be effectively used by your backend marketing operations team or inside sales team responsible for demand generation. Read more

Create, view and update opportunities with ease. Get a holistic view of deal stage, value, probability, offering, closed deals, next steps and more. Sort and filter opportunities for better pipeline analysis to stay focused on right deals. Stay informed on sales cycles and deal progress for prioritizing follow-ups. Read more

Quotations can be created and managed on-the-fly by your sales teams using the mobile app. Specific quotation formats and templates can be designed with your logo, terms and conditions, etc. making it very easy for teams to quickly turnaround quotations. All they will require to do is to pick up the relevant product line-item and enter quotation price. Quotations can then be emailed to customers from the crm app itself.

Your business need not suffer due to delays in invoice creation from your accounting software. You can generate and share invoices on-the-fly with your clients from HappSales. This helps you prepare your orders for dispatch as soon as the opportunity is won without any delays.

The Customer Relationship Management app turns your device into a portable office to plan, create, manage and share all activities. Automate daily activity reporting with a chronological list of all activities across accounts and deals. Evaluate team performance based on activities, face-to-face meetings, calls etc. Calendar is linked to activities to make sure one does not miss any of the scheduled tasks and appointments. Reps need not maintain a separate to-do list. Make all actions count. Read more

You can digitize all your paper forms and templates for your mobile warriors to use on-the-go. These include demo forms, sample forms, customer feedback forms, reports etc. which your teams had to previously carry along with them. You can also have a provision to make the customer sign on these documents; and then the pdf copy right from the app.

HappSales Sales CRM software encourages collaboration and process automation across teams viz. sales, operations, planning, manufacturing, logistics, finance etc. Each of the stakeholders can have worklists assigned to them based on defined workflows. This helps you to streamline and drive efficiency across your operations. More importantly, your customer-facing teams can have visibility on the actual fulfillment status of every opportunity; which will in-turn help them to manage customer expectations better and enhance your customer service.

Automate travel expense management and reimbursement process taking away additional burden from the reps. The app allows users to easily create and share expense entries tagged to corresponding activities for reimbursements. Helps drive sales compliance and streamline processes.

One can schedule reminders and alerts to make sure important deadlines and events are never missed. Reps could proactively plan action-oriented follow-ups. They need not frequently check each planned activity to act on it. Periodic reminders can be easily set for recurring events.

GPS-based location intelligence allows users to easily manage attendance while on duty. Facilitates local travel expense reporting eliminating manual errors.

Our mobile Sales CRM App can be used even while users are offline and facing network connectivity issues while they are on-the-move.  Data would automatically get synced up as-and-when the network gets restored without any risk of data loss.

Sales dashboards provide real-time view in to your business and critical KPIs at a glance. Measuring accurate health of your business is pivotal to improve and stay on top of your game. Fast and easy access to right information from anywhere at any time enables business agility and smarter business decisions. Auto-updating of reports without any manual intervention saves considerable effort and time.

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