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Scan business cards for accurate and complete contact information

Introduction to Business Card Scanning

Entering and maintaining contact details of your clients is a very important part of account intelligence and contact intelligence. Business Card Scanning is the process of digitizing and capturing the information on a physical business card into a digital format. HappSales CRM has a feature that allows users to scan business cards, similar to other business card scanner apps. Instead of manually typing the information, this functionality uses specialized software to automatically capture and extract the information from the card.  The software program uses various methodologies to recognize and classify the various pieces of data. It retrieves relevant information like name, designation, company, phone number, email id,  etc.

Problems we solve

Time consuming data-entry

Entering contact information of your clients can be a very time-consuming and exhausting activity when you do it manually. It reduces the team’s productivity.

Inaccurate and incomplete data

Since it takes time and effort to manually capture contact details, there is a high possibility that you miss out or skip entering all the required details into the CRM system. You may even make some errors while typing. Inaccurate and incomplete data compromises the overall quality of data in your CRM software which inturn can lead to many inefficiencies. 

Information loss due to attrition or restructuring

Attrition and restructuring are quite common in many organizations. This poses significant risks of losing important client details when people leave. You should have a strong process in place to make sure you retain this vital information that can give you a competitive advantage.

Capabilities & Features

Seamless contact addition

HappSales Mobile CRM app business card scanning feature can help you easily capture images and scan business cards using the device’s camera. It will help you capture all the information such as name, designation, company name, email id, phone number, etc. You can also export contacts from the scanned business card to excel.


We synergize OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) capabilities to make this business card reader feature effective. Optical Character Recognition helps in converting the data into editable text and Natural Language Processing helps in distinguishing data like name, designation, phone number etc.

Data extraction and validation

This capability helps users to validate the information and then link it to the right fields in the contact section of the CRM software. This will improve the quality and accuracy of the data. You will also be able to add notes specific to the contacts in the free text field.

Benefits of using HappSales

Saves time and increases productivity

HappSales CRM software leverages cutting-edge technologies to make the entire process of business card scanning simple, quick and smooth. Scanning a business card in our CRM is as easy as taking a photo. This helps your sales team members to easily scan and store contacts into the CRM database with very minimal effort. This significantly improves your team’s productivity giving them more time for other important tasks.

Accurate data capture

Capturing data directly from the business card and linking under the right fields in CRM assures data accuracy. This enables your company to have a database that will be error-free, effective, and reliable.

Easy-to-use with minimum training

HappSales CRM app delivers a user friendly experience with minimal training requirements.   The built-in digital-assistant Ami guides users at every step of the business card scanning process. This brings in more discipline and hygiene in your operations.

Single page interface

The entire data is captured in a single page minimizing complexity. It eliminates the need to scroll multiple pages. As a result, it enhances overall efficiency making it very easy and quick to update and retrieve information whenever needed.

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