field service management software

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Customer Satisfaction. Service Profitability. Team Productivity.

Field Service Management refers to the different tasks and activities that are involved in providing onsite services like installing, repairing or maintaining equipment and systems. Field Service Management solutions, often implemented through Field Service Management software (FSM software) is an application designed to automate and streamline these activities. This enables you to improve your service efficiency, reduce response times, and most importantly enhance customer satisfaction. There are many benefits of field service management software, including easy data capture and reporting. 

HappSales Field Service Management software app (FSM software) was envisioned and built with service reps at the center of the design. We empower field-service professionals with an intelligent easy-to-use Best Field Service Management software that leverages an integrated backend platform to automate end-to-end field service business operations.

Service team face many challenges

Field service executives are constantly under pressure to improve customer satisfaction while maximizing service visits and their productivity. They are also expected to track, document and maintain huge amounts of data for compliance without fail.

At the same time, organizations want to exceed customer expectations and enhance customer service to increase loyalty. Service leaders want their customers to value and pay for the prompt and proactive service delivered to them every time.

However, inefficient and cumbersome field service business operations lead to revenue leakages and high operational costs that adversely impacts profitability.

field service management software

Outcomes we help you achieve

Improved Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty

through quicker response, improved turnaround time (TAT), and better first-time fix rate

Higher Service Revenue

by prompt invoicing, enhanced work order management & minimal leakage due to missed contracts or visits

Higher Field-force Productivity

with easy access to information, efficient business operations, ability to create and execute tasks efficiently, and reduced paper work

Greater Profitability

through efficient service operations, better rep utilization and more service visits

Enhanced Service Excellence

with consistent processes, minimal errors and predictable outcomes

Greater Adoption & Uptake

with a user-centric, cloud based, intuitive and easy-to-use field service software app that does not require any training to get started. Reps can use the FSM software app even while they are off-line.

“It was a pleasant experience to understand the possibilities. HappSales offered to us, as a complete Sales & Service tool to enhance business generation. It is quite easy to navigate through and we expect it to improve and ease of handling both Sales & Service.

Biju S

Managing Director – Engineering Company

Field Service Management Software - CRM Capabilities

field service management software

Maintain all the information about your installations, address, equipment type, model, inventory, service type, service frequency etc. mapped to a customer at one place. Accurate and easy view of all installations with better work order management will lay the foundation for efficient operations.

Service visit scheduling is automated based on predefined lifecycle parameters. Service managers can also schedule adhoc service visits based on priority. Visit plans can be well orchestrated and assigned to concerned reps.  It allows timely scheduling and dispatch. Periodic reminders can be easily set for recurring events. History of all past visits available at all times for reporting and analysis purposes. and at defined service intervals.

The field service management software app turns your device into a portable office to plan, create, manage and share all activities. Automate daily activity reporting with a chronological list of all maintenance and repair activities across accounts. Reps will not miss any of the scheduled tasks and activities of installing, repairing or maintaining equipment or systems.

Easily schedule recurring jobs and service contracts based on defined service intervals. Eliminate risk of revenue leakage due to missed contracts or visits. Automate reminders to make sure deadlines are never missed.   

Replace traditional paper-based systems with forms and service templates to suit your unique business needs. Reps can use the data collection forms with ease to capture all information required to run your business operations effectively. Forms will also have provision to capture customers’ signatures. Filled forms can then be easily shared with concerned teams.

GPS-based location intelligence allows users to easily manage attendance while on duty. It facilitates local travel expense reporting eliminating manual errors.

Create, view and update all opportunities for parts and service offerings with ease. Sort and filter opportunities for better analysis to stay focused on right opportunities.

Automate travel expense management and reimbursement process taking away additional burden from the reps. Field Service Management Software – FSM app allows users to easily create and share expense entries tagged to corresponding activities for reimbursements. It helps drive compliance and streamline processes.

field service management software
field service management software

This is one of the key features of HappSales CRM where reps can easily create and update contact details by scanning business cards and save time on data entry. It helps build reliable, accurate and complete information about every customer contact. This makes sure the customer database is always updated and current with everyone having access to a profile they can trust.

Field Service Management Software App can be used on mobile devices even while users are offline and facing network connectivity issues while they are on-the-move.  Data would automatically get synced up as-and-when the network gets restored without any risk of data loss.

Dashboards provide real-time view into service KPIs at a glance. Fast and easy access to right KPIs go a long way while striving towards excellence. Auto-updation of reports without any manual intervention saves considerable effort and time.

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