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Quotation management is the process of managing and creating  quotes and proposals for clients. It is also called offer management. Generating sales quotes promptly is a very crucial step in the sales process. 

A CRM with quotation management is an integrated solution that makes the process of managing quotations within your CRM very easy. Using this feature, your sales teams can create customized sales quotes within the CRM and then easily send it to their clients. The quotations can include product specifications, price, and required terms and conditions.

This synergistic approach of an integrated quote management software empowers businesses to overcome the complexities of proposal generation and management. With real-time insights into product and pricing information, creating quotes can be accurate and error-free. This approach will help you drive sales performance and sales productivity, the two most important aspects of any sales process.

Problems we solve

Ineffective sales closures

CRM with quotation management fixes the inefficiencies associated with manual quote creation. There are chances of errors when you create quotes manually. This leads to inconsistencies that  might result in miscommunication with customers. This can in-turn lead to reduced customer satisfaction, delay sales closures, and your team could even lose deals to your competitors.

Inconsistency in Bill-of-Material (BoM) & Pricing

Companies keep updating their product lines and prices from time to time. The sales reps by oversight might make a mistake on the BoM or pricing while generating manual proposals. These inaccuracies can have adverse consequences. Your sales quotes may not be competitive, it might erode the deal value, it could make negotiations difficult and can even wipe out the margins. Last but not the least, your team could also end up selling the wrong product or solution which can adversely impact your capacity to close more deals and diminish customer satisfaction.

Delay in sending quotes

Manual method of quote creation can sometimes be very cumbersome and time-consuming. It can delay the entire process of proposal creation and submission. As a result, you might lose deals to your competitors who act swiftly. Any delay at this step will not allow your clients to initiate the negotiation process, thereby disrupting your sales pipeline. All these delays will unnecessarily hinder your ability to close more deals and hamper your sales cycle.

Complex approval process

A manual quotation management process delays the quotation approval process. Relying solely on emails and physical documents to manage customer quotes lead to many inefficiencies. Without a robust quote management system in place, team members and management cannot be on the same page. These gaps will hamper your chances of winning deals and slow down your growth.

Capabilities & Features

Holistic quotation management

Using our CRM with quote management, you will be able to seamlessly manage the entire quoting process. You will be able to create new quotations, edit existing quotes, submit quotations and maintain a record of all the quotes for future reference.

BoM and Pricing management

HappSales CRM with quote management is designed to make BoM (bill-of-material) and pricing management very easy. At the time of creating or updating a quotation, your team will be able to select and update the right product items with ease. They will always have access to the most recent product and pricing updates. This prevents any discrepancies and inconsistencies.

Single-page interface for efficient data entry

The CRM software with inbuilt quotation management allows you to manage the entire process from one single screen. It eliminates the need for switching between different screens. Quotation templates allow you to select items effortlessly using dropdown menus. These factors significantly enhance end-user experience.

Customized quotation templates

Quotation templates are customized to address your specific requirements. You can add your company-specific logo, company details, terms and conditions, payment options etc.

Mobile app

HappSales CRM with Copilot comes with the mobile apps to help your team members to manage quotations while on-the-move . It supports both android and ios.

Benefits of using HappSales

Higher sales productivity and agility

HappSales CRM’s user-friendly interface and predefined templates make the quote creation process much easier. Your team can create quotes accurately in less time. This not only saves time but also enhances the overall productivity and efficiency of your team members. This is augmented further by making use of our mobile CRM app.

Reduced sales cycle

By implementing HappSales CRM with quote management your team members can promptly submit quotations on-time everytime without unnecessary delays. This accelerated process not only enhances the efficient management of the customer data but also directly contributes to reduced sales cycles. Your team will be able to address client needs swiftly and progress their deals faster.

Accurate and consistent quotations

Standardizing quotation templates will help you streamline and automate your end-to-end quote management process. As a result, your team members will be able to send out accurate quotations without any errors and unnecessary delays. This allows your team members to send out the correct BoM with right information and terms. A consistent process reduces the number of quote revisions and will help you improve sales efficiency.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

The streamlined process of quote management improves customer responsiveness. Your clients need not wait for long to receive the proposals. Your team can capitalize on the opportunities and respond to client requests quickly. Prompt and accurate quotations go a long way in strengthening customer satisfaction and relationships. Your clients will have more confidence and faith in working with a professional sales team.


Generating quotes using CRM quote management helps you maintain a single-version-of-truth at all times. All submitted quotes against a specific opportunity are easily available for ready reference. This streamlined process safeguards you against any loss of information on account of employee attrition and helps you mitigate risks.

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