What is a Mobile CRM? Advantages of Having A Mobile CRM in 2024

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what is a mobile crm

Last updated on February 19th, 2024 at 11:39 am

Data and information are at your fingertips in today’s rapidly ever-changing world. This is possible only due to pervasive access to the internet through mobile devices. Mobile phones account for nearly 70% of all web traffic today. This is why a Mobile CRM strategy has become essential to growing your business. So let’s explore the concept of mobile CRM and explore what is a mobile crm and how it is beneficial for your business?

What is a Mobile CRM (Customer Relationship Management)?

What is a Mobile CRM? What does mobile CRM mean? Mobile customer relationship management is a software application that helps your client-facing teams to efficiently manage customer relationships and customer interactions effortlessly using their mobile devices.

Mobile CRM apps can be leveraged by your sales teams, service teams, and other client-facing teams involved in serving your clients. It acts like an assistant available to them at all times. It empowers them to manage their business and meet their business goals with ease. A mobile CRM application at the same time, makes them very productive and efficient.

It can be used as a standalone app or it can complement a mobile CRM solution delivered through the web. Most CRM mobile apps support android and iOS versions.

Why do you need a Mobile CRM?

Your client-facing teams are always battling many tasks and client activities. They are expected to manage client expectations and customer interactions efficiently. They also need to consistently meet their key performance indicators (KPIs) and business objectives.

At the same time, conventional CRMs have very high failure rates due to poor adoption and usage by end users. They find CRMs very cumbersome and time-consuming to use. As a result, many companies fail in succeeding in these initiatives. As per Forrester, 49% of CRM projects fail due to these reasons.

This is where a mobile CRM solution becomes handy to make a huge difference in your business performance and helps to enhance customer experiences.

Using a mobile CRM, your account managers and team members will be empowered to perform better. It becomes the ammunition to help them to do more in less time. They can stay organized, have a holistic view of customer data that enables them to manage client activities efficiently, deliver excellent customer service and meet business goals with ease.

A mobile CRM will also help you significantly improve the adoption of CRM among your reps; which is essential for your technology-led transformation.

What activities and tasks can be performed using a Mobile CRM?

Mobile CRM app for Sales teams

Providing a mobile CRM app to your sales team members can be a game changer for your business. It has the enormous power to transform your sales performance.

This is what your sales reps can accomplish using a mobile CRM for sales –

  • Access and manage customer data about clients and prospects easily
  • Capture customer information on the fly
  • Establish an effective sales process
  • Track deal progress and update opportunities
  • Create and send quotations and sales order forms
  • Review pipeline and make course corrections
  • Easily create records of contacts using business card scanning
  • Effective stakeholder management and review alignment periodically
  • Qualify and nurture leads for faster conversion
  • Execute tasks and activities without missing timelines
  • Capture meeting notes for future reference
  • Track achievement vs targets
  • Collaborate with colleagues from anywhere, anytime
  • Get a real-time view of the internal order management process
  • Collect and update account receivables/collections
  • Submit attendance and expense reimbursement requests
  • View dashboards and reports for decision making

Mobile CRM app for Service teams

Providing a mobile CRM app to your service team members can help you transform your service operations and drive profitability.

This is what your service reps can accomplish using a mobile CRM for service –

  • Complete all service tasks and activities on time
  • Plan and execute scheduled service activities or visits as per the service contract
  • Attend to unscheduled/ad-hoc service requests by clients
  • Fill and digitize service forms
  • Accept customer feedback and signatures directly on the app
  • Email service-related documents to the clients easily
  • Capture customer and product details on-the-fly
  • Collect and update service payments
  • Set task reminders and notifications to make sure you do not miss client commitments
  • Submit attendance and expense reimbursement requests

Advantages of using a mobile CRM

In the last few years, the mobile CRM platform has become a strategic tool for organizations to improve their business performance. It is now an essential part of the client-facing team’s arsenal. At the same time, it also benefits the management team and the rest of the departments.

Let us discuss the key benefits of a mobile CRM

Flexible & convenient

Using a mobile CRM, you will have the flexibility to easily access information from anywhere, anytime while on the move. You need not be tied to a specific location. A mobile app also allows you to navigate screens much easier to find relevant information faster. It is very convenient and more accessible when compared to cumbersome heavy laptops and desktop versions.

Improved productivity & efficiency

With a mobile CRM, data access and data entry become much easier and faster. You can now do more in less time effortlessly and become very productive. Mobile CRM solution like HappSales augments this further by providing a voice-enabled app powered by a personal assistant. The digital assistant works like a true co-pilot in assisting the reps in getting their work done faster and helping them focus on the right tasks.

Better decision-making

Mobile customer relationship management is always synced up with the backend database. It will provide up-to-date information at all times. It gives you the power of real-time data at your fingertips that will assist you in making informed decisions. This in turn helps you to excel in your work and perform better.

Accelerated sales performance

Implementing a Mobile CRM solution is a strategic move that helps to accelerate the efforts of your sales and marketing teams. Your team will easily track all their leads, qualify them effectively and convert them faster using this Sales CRM. They will keep a close tab on their overall pipeline and will take all the necessary steps to run a more predictable business. Moreover, accurate information pertaining to the 3 Ps – product, pricing, and promotions, will help you make the right decisions to convert deals faster. When done well, it also increases the deal value as well as reduces the time taken for deal conversions.

Reduced reporting efforts

A mobile CRM application will help your reps update their opportunities, tasks, and activities on the go. This will take away the burden from them of regular reporting through excel or google sheets. Managers will get all system-generated reports seamlessly without the need for manual efforts.

High empowerment & morale among team members

When the reps use a mobile CRM diligently to manage their work, managers will not require to micro-manage their team members. Mobile CRM application also makes it very convenient to use as and when required. This results in very high morale among your reps and they feel empowered. These factors have a huge positive impact on business performance and efficiency across the board.

Better team collaboration

Built-in features like Chat will help your team members collaborate easily. They could create specific groups to discuss and collaborate on deals, clients, projects, etc. Better team collaboration builds a strong company culture and camaraderie among the members that will pay huge dividends in the long run.

Higher customer satisfaction

It is known that higher customer satisfaction, improved customer interactions, enhanced customer experiences and retention significantly improve profitability. Mobile CRM equips you with the right data points required to address client concerns and requirements proactively. This leads to improved customer service coupled with high satisfaction levels, more loyalty, and more importantly more business opportunities through client referrals.

Superior competitive advantage

In today’s competitive environment, the accuracy of the information and the speed of execution is possibly the two most critical factors required to win. A mobile CRM is one such tool that will give you the competitive advantage required to outperform and help you gain market share.

High CRM adoption

Historically, the adoption of traditional CRMs has been a huge challenge in the industry with a very poor adoption and success rate. All the above factors that we discussed result in very high adoption of technology among the reps. This in turn improves the success rate of CRM projects and delivers a quick return on your investment.

Off-line capability

Mobile CRMs like HappSales also support offline capability. This will allow you to use the app even in locations with poor or no network coverage. As soon as you get connected to a network, all the previous data that you entered will automatically sync up with the server without you losing any of those.

Cost-effective & easy to deploy

In the last few years, the cost of mobile devices has significantly come down when compared to that of desktops or laptops. This makes it very cost-effective and easy for companies to roll out mobile CRM apps. At the same time, mobile apps are designed to be very intuitive and user-friendly. This drastically reduces the costs associated with training. Many companies have also adopted the BYOD (bring your own device) policy to further reduce their capex costs.

Mobile CRM Cost v/s Investment

The above section explains what is a mobile CRM and clearly justifies the need for companies to invest in a mobile CRM solution.

It enables you to transform your business by leveraging cutting-edge technologies to improve your top line and bottom line. Instead of treating it as a cost, you should consider this as an investment for your future growth.

As per Forrester, companies that use mobile CRM experience an average RoI (return on investment) of 271%. This RoI is driven by a combination of increased productivity, higher revenues, and superior customer engagement.

The ROI of CRM is arrived at based on the total accrued benefits from the CRM project and the total cost of ownership (TCO) incurred. This detailed article will help you understand how to calculate the ROI of CRM initiative.

So, what is a mobile CRM? To summarize, a mobile CRM strategy will give you the competitive edge to build a sustainable high-performance company. Investing in the right mobile CRM tool will have a tremendous impact on your company’s revenue growth, bottom line, operational costs, and customer engagements.

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