Zelle increased its revenue by 40% with HappSales

About Zelle Biotechnology

Zelle Biotech is one of the largest and the fastest growing distributors of enzymes, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical products. They serve the biopharma & life sciences industry, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutes.

Zelle increased its revenue by 40% with Happsales

Dimple Java, Head Operations


The leadership team at Zelle Biotech undertook a digital transformation initiative in 2020 to lay the foundation for their aggressive growth plans.

The team evaluated prominent CRMs in the market to help them address many challenges

  • As they were growing, it became difficult to manage all the scattered information across multiple sheets in silos. They needed a scalable and unified CRM software to have all data in a structured format in one place.
  • They found it very cumbersome to manage their growing list of sales leads. The team was unable to manage the leads efficiently. There was a fear of missing out on sales opportunities.
  • Management wanted to improve sales efficiency by streamlining end-to-end sales operations – including pipeline management, sales activities, client interactions, quotation management and sales order management.
  • They wanted all departments to be on the same page with everyone looking at a single source of information. At the same time, they wanted to bring in user-level access to ensure data security and compliance.
  • Empowering all their team members in the field with easy access to client information through a mobile app was very essential to improve sales productivity and decision making.
  • It was important for them to have sales team members easily capture all sales activities without the need for redundant follow-ups
  • They wanted to remove any reluctance to share information between teams due to fear of losing data
  • Communication between sales and operations team was inefficient and time consuming due to back and forth emails.
  • Entering and updating products data manually in google sheets led to huge inefficiencies

Benefits from HappSales

➢  60% Improvement in Deal Conversions

Lead management with HappSales ensures that no leads are missed. All leads are quickly qualified and converted through a robust sales pipeline management process. Team members easily update deal stages and seek help for any pricing, proposals etc. from back office operations as and when required.

➢  75% Increase in Team Productivity

Sales team members easily update opportunities and sales activities using the mobile CRM app. It is easy for them to update all client interactions through the app while on the move. Easy-to-use CRM app led to a drastic increase in overall sales productivity.

➢  Streamlined Quotation Management

HappSales team designed a Quotation format along with terms & conditions as per Zelle’s specific requirements. The team can conveniently select the required products from a drop-down, update the price, and seamlessly send out the quotations to clients. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces any manual errors.

➢  Efficient Sales Order Management

Sales order management workflow is designed to help the sales team and operations team to collaborate better and be on the same page at all times. This increased overall efficiency in the sales order management process and fulfillment of closed orders. It eliminates the need for multiple emails and calls between team members to update sales order status.

➢  Higher Customer Satisfaction

Service management workflow is designed to streamline service requests from clients, and also manage distribution of samples. Team members easily record all crucial information like user feedback and purchase intentions. This facilitates a smooth collaboration and cohesive teamwork between all departments like tech support, sales, and back-end operations. Insights and feedback from clients play an important role in gauging user satisfaction levels. It allows members to take proactive measures to swiftly address client requirements. All this led to significant improvement in customer satisfaction levels.

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