How REGALOS transformed their business using HappSales?

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About Regalos

Established in 2015, Regalos has emerged as a frontrunner in the Corporate Gifting industry based out of Bangalore, India.

Regalos’ CEO, Nandakumar R has leveraged the company with his excellent knowledge of the market, rich experience of over two decades and strong vision of future potential. The company handles everything from strategy, sourcing and curation to packaging and shipping.

We chose HappSales because they offered a highly customized solution tailored to our business needs. Their team effectively addressed all our pain points, making HappSales a better option than our initial choice, Salesforce. Salesforce was not only more expensive but also overloaded with features that would not add value to our business.

Nandakumar R., Founder & CEO - Regalos

“HappSales offered an amazing solution that addressed all our pain points and helped improve our productivity. Their dashboard and userinterface are the best!”

Benefits from HappSales

Increase In Revenue

A unified comprehensive system of automated lead capturing, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and sales conversion led to significant increase in sales revenue.

Powerful dashboards helped in accurately measuring and improving critical sales parameters.

Robust Sales Pipeline with Indiamart integration

Integration with different lead sources, like Indiamart, prevented lead leakages. This led to a very healthy sales funnel that improved business predictability. 

Metrics like deal probability, weighted pipeline, sales velocity, etc. helped them to improve sales forecasting and business predictability.

Higher Sales Productivity

An easy-to-use intuitive CRM with mobile app improved sales productivity. Team members could easily manage client details, deal progress, and their day-to-day activities.

Healthier Cash Flow​

Cashflow improved significantly due to an efficient accounts receivables management process. A structured cadence on collections enabled timely payment follow-ups, which led to healthier cash-flows.​

Higher Customer Satisfaction through Workflows

Efficient order management workflow enabled different departments to update order fulfillment stages regularly and consistently. This allowed everyone to effectively collaborate and excel in execution.

Real-time updates allowed the sales team to proactively update their clients on the order status. This enhanced transparency and efficient communication led to a dramatic increase in overall client satisfaction.

Enhanced Performance Review

Powerful dashboards and metrics allowed the management team to conduct effective reviews to improve sales performance.

360-degree performance management helped them effortlessly manage both pre-sales and post-sales activities, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency.

This allowed them to get rid of time-consuming cumbersome spreadsheets.

Reduced Operational Costs

Organizational efficiency across all departments reduced operational costs.

This includes all aspects of client-facing operations viz. lead management, pre-sales activities, deal conversions, order fulfillment, accounts receivables, and overall client management. All this resulted in improved profitability.

Our revenue has increased significantly due to a focused approach. The previous vendor did not deliver as promised. HappSales has a passionate team. Almost all features are used by us.

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