happsales sales velocity

Do you know why “Sales Velocity” is the most powerful metric for sales transformation?

05 Jan 2020

Many sales leaders find it quite overwhelming to keep track of multiple KPIs.

happsales account management crm

What is Account Management CRM; and why is it the most effective ammunition to win your battle?

13 June 2020

Unfortunately, many companies are yet to up their game in this aspect and master this science.

happsales mobile crm

Mobile CRM | most comprehensive guide to a mobile-first CRM strategy

Updated: 27 July 2021

Primary role of sales teams and account managers is revenue generation.They interact and engage with your customers on a daily basis.

happsales mobile crm

Ultimate Guide to Account Management in Sales 

Updated: 27 July 2021

Account Management is a sales framework to maximize customer lifetime value.

happsales sales pipeline

Sales Pipeline Management | A Detailed Guide To Grow Your Revenue 

27 July 2021

Pipeline management in sales is a scientific way to capture, measure and analyze your opportunities and their corresponding sales stages.