HappSales Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Availability

Service Availability of HappSales is defined as the period of time that HappSales software service is available for use by its users.

HappSales Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantees its users availability of 99.8% average over a month. This excludes the downtime due to scheduled maintenance which will be communicated in advance.

Service Priority Levels

The following are the priority levels for problem responses:

Priority Level

Issue Description

Response SLA

(during Primary Coverage hours of 9.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday through Friday, excluding statutory holidays) 

L1 Ticket
(Low Priority)

Issues that do not disrupt or impede the service. It causes an inconvenience that may require a workaround to restore functionality.

24 Hours

L2 Ticket
(Medium Priority)

Issues that cause a partial loss of service. A part of the software function is experiencing a reproducible problem that causes inconvenience to the user. 

12 hours

L3 Ticket
(High Priority)

Critical issues that cause complete disruption of service. It requires an immediate fix for an operation that is mission-critical to the business.

Update on possible solutions or ETA of solution will be provided within 8-12 hours  

Maintenance Downtime:

HappSales periodically adds, repairs, and upgrades the software and shall use its best efforts to accomplish this without affecting the user’s access to any service; however, repairs of an emergency or critical nature may result in the Service not being available for usage during the course of such repairs.

HappSales reserves the right to take down the server(s) at the data center in order to conduct routine maintenance to both software and hardware according to the maintenance window. The maintenance window is generally over the weekend on Saturday or Sunday.

You can write to help@happsales.com to raise a support request

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