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HappSales Founders - Navin Nair and Vijay Kumar

HappSales: Where the sheer objectives are to make businesses happier and liberated

Today, tailored software development has become a prevalent aspect to design solutions that can address a myriad of business requirements in a trice. Many eminent players have recognised the flourishing scopes in this industrial space and have stepped up with a gamut of services to make a distinction. Among such enterprises, HappSales has been grabbing eyeballs with its noteworthy product and service portfolio. It was established with a unique mission to instil happiness into the business execution process by harnessing user-centric innovations. The venture strives to eradicate business complexities by facilitating frugal transformation across customer-dealing processes.


With an outstanding business philosophy stating— If teams are happier, the business will happen & prosper, HappSales began its voyage in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2018. Standing firm as a Nasscom-incubated CRM software company, HappSales is the result of ceaseless attempts and dedication by— Navin Nair & Vijay Kumar. Both of them possess 45+ years of combined industry experience where they have offered their professional acumen to some global corporations like SAP, SAS, Tech Mahindra, etc. Where Navin is a pro with his fortes in B2B sales & account management, on the other hand, Vijay proves his competencies in the tech space by delivering scalable IT solutions. Now when the duo of dynamos has set up their business establishment, their complementary skills are aligned with the primary objective to facilitate client companies to drive frugal transformation across Sales, Service & Receivables Operations via a unique Account Management CRM app powered by a personal assistant. In this direction, both the founders assert, “HappSales’ unique approach creates business iimpact by fuelling both the art and science of sales.”


The idea of inception behind HappSales was to ensure seamless Sales and Service operations for SMEs. Owing to their two decades of extensive industry experience, the founders identified the pain points for the businesses that were lagging due to conventional CRM solutions. These solutions have a very minuscule success rate and low adoption by the end-users, ergo, such systems became quite cumbersome, time-consuming and ineffective when it comes to a company’s day-to-day operations, hampering overall productivity and performance. In light of this, Navin says,

“Less than 30% of valuable account intelligence made it into these systems. Companies lost out on massive market intelligence that could have bee leveraged to stay ahead of their game and outperform the competition. In the end, such businesses are forced to operate their businesses via Excel sheets and WhatsApp that stimulate high-inadequacy in the whole process.”

Thereby, acknowledging all these frustrations in the air, Navin and Vijay settled down to lay the foundation stone for HappSales, where they create distinct and lucrative strategies to address such highlighted challenges effectively.


When asked about their exclusivity related to their business model, Vijay states that their ability to impact customer’s profitable growth is what makes them stand apart and become the foremost choice of the organizations to associate with them. With their out-of-the-box approach that primarily focuses on ameliorating sales turnover, profitability and cash flow, the company has managed to earn the faith of its diverse clientele. In light of the above considerations, there are 3 key aspects to with which they adroitly add value to their end-customers. Apart from allowing them with a leading edge in the targeted market, these facets also provide their customers with a win-win situation in a cutthroat domain. All of these tactics have been enlisted below—

1. With an integrated and comprehensive account management platform that is converged on execution & velocity, they put a positive impact on all three business drivers— Revenue, Profitability and Cash-flow. Their effective Sales module can improve revenue generation adeptly managing customer intelligence, activities, leads, opportunities and pipeline. Whereas, their service module that is enriched with installed-base management, warranty & AMC management, service visit scheduling, and ontime repairs along with digitized service templates, allow coherent business flow. And their unique receivables module assists the management to supervise customer collections, reduce daily sales outstanding (DSO), schedule & assign collection activities, and considerably more.

2. This feature of their business model ensures leveraging some cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning & NLP to provide staunch support to customerfacing teams utilizing a  smart mobile application that is powered by a personal assistant. In this context, Navin claims, “Our mobile-first strategy keeps end-users at the epicentre of our strategy; and helps to extraordinarily simplify usage, adoption and efficiency – the key ingredients for any successful rollout.” From business-card scanning to reminders & alerts for appropriate execution, this software application is effective in eliminating delays by enhancing collaboration among teams.

3. Lastly, the crucial aspect is their outstanding frugal transformation based delivery module that immunes enterprises from onerous, expensive, cumbersome and risky projects owing to the inefficient software implementations.

Furthermore, considering their data security, HappSales always prioritizes immense security for the software deployment process. Here, the involved teams leave no stone unturned to ensure high-end safety by relying upon Amazon Web Services that is titled to make sheer justice to industry security standards.


For the iconic duo of leaders, when it comes to defining leadership then anticipating and apprehending industrial pain points in a sophisticated manner; and then formulating the right team to serve the requirements is what they find most relatable to themselves. With their thought leadership, the company has witnessed an evolution of work culture that revolves around the core principles of accountability, freedom, respect and trust. Their iconic stewardship doesn’t give credence to micromanagement. Establishing an ambience rich in transparency, here every team member enjoys a positive and vibrant workplace that facilitates their comprehensive growth.


Within a short span of time, HappSales has earned a reputation of a prominent player in its niche market. This has stimulated several media houses to recognize its rarity by showering a number of awards and accolades on it. Ever since, the organisation was selected by NASSCOM-1000, HappSales has scaled the heights of success only. Be it bagging an award — 10 Most Promising CRM apps by Silicon India, or 10 Best CRM companies by Insights Success, or Best Start-up of the Year 2020 by CIO Insider, the list of their exemplary achievements is considerably long.


With the mushrooming popularity of automation and digital tools, organisations have been experiencing sustainable profitable growth and competitive advantage than ever before. HappSales strives to be committed to its clients by imparting effective and prudent solutions. To be more substantial in this endeavour, they will ceaselessly make apposite investments in disruptive technologies such as AI, ML, NLP and Big Data. And to make their go-to-market strategy a big hit, the founders have devised some unique growth plans to carve a position of a leading CRM Provider in India while expanding their service wings to newer geographies.


“We all are going through unprecedented, trying times. Our message to the readers is to stay safe indoors until we are successful in breaking the chain and get over this pandemic. In the meanwhile, use this time effectively to revisit your internal processes and systems. This is possibly the best time to assess how you can leverage technology to drive automation and efficiency across your customer-facing teams. One can really harness the digital power to build a profitable company and a competitive edge over one’s peers.”

Originally published in The CEO Story

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