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Navin Nair, Founder of HappSales


This interview highlights the consistent endeavors of Team HappSales (HS) that treads the extra mile to quench the needs of its client organizations.

IS: Kindly brief us about the company – inception and the overall journey to date.

Team HS: HappSales, incubated by Nasscom 10000 startup, was founded during 2018 by Founder CEO, Navin Nair after spending two decades in the industry working with world-class organizations like SAP, SAS, Avaya GlobalConnect, HCL etc. In his last assignment at SAP, he got the opportunity to be at the forefront of many transformation initiatives while engaging with diverse enterprises. He observed that organizations with sales & service operations were struggling to drive frugal transformation; and the success rate of conventional CRMs were quite low due to poor user-adoption and high costs associated with these projects. That is when he decided to start HappSales with a mission to infuse happiness in to sales & service operations, which is normally considered to be highly stressful and cumbersome. The platform has since then evolved to address nuances around end-to-end account management lifecycle including accounts receivable.

IS: What is your viewpoint regarding the present scenario of the CRM solutions providers in India?

Team HS: While there are quite a few CRM providers in the market, India is still a young untapped market with tremendous potential. It is important for one to find its niche and stay focused on how it wants to add value to the chosen segment.

IS: What kind of quality values do you incorporate while offering your services to your esteemed clients?

Team HS: Our values are driven by our philosophy of partnership and mutual-success. We firmly believe that it is imperative for us to closely work and collaborate with our customers with a genuine intent of creating positive sustainable impact – across revenue, profitability and cashflow. That is the only recipe we follow in all our engagements to fulfil our long-term growth aspirations.

IS: Is there any specific area which you are trying to concentrate in the industry? Or, have you identified any gaps in the industry which you intend to fill in with your services.

Team HS: Our platform framework is based on our obsession with business outcome and actual execution on the ground – encompassing all aspects around sales, service and accounts receivable. Based on our experience, we know that organizations can orchestrate growth only if they address the complete lifecycle around Account management. At the same time, we lay enormous emphasis on user-adoption and productivity of the front-end teams involved; which is critical for capturing meaningful account and field intelligence to derive competitive edge.

IS: What is the USP of your business? Key features and highlights.

Team HS: Our USP is based on a three-pillar approach. Firstly, we deliver an integrated and comprehensive account management platform focused on execution and velocity across Sales, Service & Accounts Receivable. That way we influence outcomes across all three business drivers – revenue, profitability and cash-flow. Our platform delivers rich features across account & contact intelligence, installed base management, customer interactions, opportunity & pipeline management, scheduling of visits and quotations, daily activity reporting, customer payments and cash-flow management, attendance management with expenses, reminders & alerts, etc. Secondly, we leverage new-age technologies (like conversational-AI / NLP) to equip frontend reps with intelligent mobile app powered by digital personal assistant. The uniquely designed app was envisioned with reps at the center of our strategy to extraordinarily simplify usage,
adoption and efficiency – the key ingredients for any successful rollout. Lastly, our frugal-transformation based methodology delivered through SaaS, exempts organizations from costly, time-consuming, cumbersome and risky projects, which are typically associated with conventional software implementation projects.

IS: Kindly share us with your Vision and Mission of your organization.

Team HS: Our mission is to infuse happiness in to business execution through user-centric innovations. We have very aggressive growth plans and aspire to be the leading CRM provider in India before we expand to other countries.

IS: How do you portray the future of the CRM and how do you plan to embrace the change?

Team HS: We are looking forward to interesting times ahead with more and more organizations keen to embrace digital revolution to drive growth and competitive edge. We are fortunate to be in this space with ample opportunities to partner with organizations seeking exponential growth through technology-enabled transformation. We will continue to make investments in new trends and technologies to positively impact business outcomes for our customers.

Originally published in InsigthsSuccess – 2019

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