Security Holograms & Labels

We are a manufacturer of security holograms and printer of labels. We have a large team serving our customers. It gets little hard to manage a large team of executives on the long run. And that is when, I was introduced to HappSales.

Our history with technology was on the negative side. As long back we had faced lot of problems. The previous company tried to solve our problem but they did not succeed and till date, we have not heard from them. But with Happsales, the experience was different. They gave us the demo and asked us to use it first and subscribe to it only if it solves our purpose. So it was a win situation for us and we happily took the demo.

As it was their first time, my team initially faced lot of doubts. But HappSales managed to address all doubts with ease and no problem whatsoever till date. I liked their customer representatives; they answered with patience and in nice manner. The app is quite easy to use and efficiency of my sales team is increasing.

- Mr. Dipin Kothari, Global Head of Marketing