Medical Device Manufacturer

For medical equipment business, “sales lead” classification and activity management at various stages of the sales funnel is very critical. Sales team’s 100% activity is wrapped around this and streamlining with a effective tool can help drastic improvement in the productivity.

In the past as a sales leader in healthcare segment, I had experience of working on some of the most powerful tools developed by tech giant. But implementing that tool was difficult because of diversity of the business environment in India in comparison to other countries. Defining each factors controlling the sales becomes difficult in India; I guess this chaos makes it unique and interesting for us.

However, with HappSales, we were able to define the only “few” critical things on which we needed the focus to increase the productivity of each and every individual. During the customization process their learning from other industries process helped in defining better structure.

The sales tools successful implementation depends on 3 critical factors.

– How sales team is going to relate with it; which means it should not force them to redefine their modus operandi.

– Adoption of the tool by the field force ; it has to be simple to use and should be perceived as a tool which is making their life easier.

– Detailed training and implementing necessary changes in the tools based on the valid hurdles they might experience in day to day operation with the new tool.

At management level, HappSales has helped in monitoring critical activities very closely with smooth reporting. Sales team is expected to do multitasking without compromising the one goal of making sales to happen. With this tool in place, all information can be managed and used effectively

- Mr. Kunal Kishore, Co-Founder & CEO