IT System Integrator

We are one of the leading IT system integrators focused on data center infra solutions serving more than 200+ customers. We operate in a very competitive business wherein superior account intelligence and speed of execution are the two most critical factors for us to succeed.

We had tried a very prominent CRM in the past which did not meet our expectations in-terms of UX, ease-of-usage and customization options. The day we came across HappSales, its capabilities and the look & feel, we knew that it was the right solution for us.

HappSales is probably the most relevant and flexible CRM that I have come across for sales & account management in my 20+ years in the industry. HappSales provides a comprehensive set of capabilities at a very affordable price-point. It is immensely benefiting us with all the aspects like account intelligence, stakeholder management, opportunity & pipeline management, field activities and deal reviews required to align our selling process with customer’s buying process.

Our unique needs and customization requirements were immediately addressed by their team. Their mobile app with its superior UX, simplicity and ease-of-usage helped our reps to quickly adopt the solution; which facilitated the complete deployment in few days.

I would strongly recommend them to anyone aspiring to transform and improve their speed of execution.

Wishing them the very best.

- Mr. Bhargav Balla, Founder & CEO