How a manufacturer of packaging & labeling products fully leveraged HappSales CRM to drive sales growth, customer satisfaction and profitability.

The Client

The client is a leading manufacturer of packaging & labeling products. They have a large distributed team serving thousands of businesses across the world.



The client was facing a slowdown in topline growth. Also, they were unhappy with the inefficiency in their sales and operations functions. It was hampering their ability to execute and grow profitably.

They tried leveraging technology in the past; but those attempts were not successful.

Digging a little deeper into the symptoms allowed us to identify the root causes.

Root Causes

The client lacked visibility into efficiency and activities of their distributed sales team. Their inability to track customer engagements led to many other operational issues.

There were inefficiencies and miscommunication with their backend design teams. This was leading to a lot of rework and rejections. This adversely affected both topline growth as well as profitability.

Manually created sales orders led to data inconsistency and inaccuracy. This created inefficiency across the value chain. This led to loss of production time in-turn impacting profitability.

They faced delays in generating invoices and shipping their consignments. This was mainly due to CA’s unavailability to quickly generate invoices through Tally. This affected both receivables and customer service.

Their sellers did not have visibility on the status of customer orders. They failed to update customers on expected delivery times to win their confidence.

There was a lack of visibility into sales opportunities and forecasting. This was leading to poor inventory and production planning.

A large part of their business was from repeat orders at regular intervals. They were missing servicing repeat orders on a timely basis. They ended up losing these orders to competition.

Last but not the least, there was no system to capture and store customer intelligence. The lack of adequate intelligence hampered their ability to make sound business decisions. Attrition among their customer-facing teams made the situation worse. They were losing out on intelligence and competitive advantage.

Solution Impact

It was evident that the client needed something more than a standard CRM. HappSales Account Management software with Mobile CRM for their reps fit the bill.

The transformation initiative helped them to achieve following outcome –

  • Superior Sales Execution
  • Improved Collaboration and Profitability
  • Healthier Cash-flow and Reduced DSO  
  • Frugal Business Transformation

Superior Sales Execution

A structured efficient system is allowing the client to execute their business plans like never before.

Efficient Sales

HappSales bring high efficiency and productivity among sales teams due to its mobile CRM strategy.

This allows the sales teams to –

  • easily manage customer design-samples using images attached to opportunities
  • create and share sales order forms seamlessly using the mobile app
  • have real-time visibility in to order fulfillment status. This helps them to proactively manage customer expectations and improve customer trust
  • effectively manage their pipeline & opportunities
  • schedule, execute and capture customer activities effortlessly
  • spend more time selling and less time on reporting, creating excels, etc.
  • effortlessly capture all customer-facing activities and diligently update opportunity status
  • easily manage attendance and expenses

They increased their repeat orders by proactively tracking consumption and engaging with customers at right time. This was made possible with automated “repeat opportunities” and auto-reminders.

As the sales teams became more efficient, the client could increase their market coverage and customer engagements through structured segmentation. They also put in place a mechanism to identify dormant accounts. This allowed them with focused efforts to revive these engagements and identify new opportunities.

The client also achieved to put in place a consistent methodology and sales process. This helped them improve compliance and hygiene.

Data-driven Decision Making

Mobile CRM with personal-assistant helps sales team to easily capture sales data and customer intelligence. This helps the client with improved data-driven decision making.

This valuable customer data and sales knowledge stay within the company at all times even when salespersons leave them. It also reduces the time taken to onboard new sales hires and makes them quickly productive.

Effective Reporting System

An effective reporting system allows them with better visibility and a single-version-of-truth. They now easily track all metrics around sales, pipeline, active opportunities and their stages, forecasting and order fulfillment, customer intelligence, seller activities and attendance, etc.

They no longer depend on a bunch of complex excel-sheets that had led to inefficiencies in the past.

Improved Collaboration and Profitability

HappSales improved company-wide collaboration with workflows encompassing pre-sales, sales, design, production planning, invoicing, dispatch, and collections; providing accurate visibility across the board.

Their cost-of-sales reduced significantly by eliminating reworks through efficient design-sample management. This also helped improve their customer-satisfaction scores and repeat orders.

Integrated operations across sales and operations removed business inefficiencies. It eliminated delays in post-sales activities. It also helped them increase production efficiency and uptime.

Their forecasting accuracy improved as the team could now predict customer’s consumption patterns. This in-turn helps in efficient inventory and production planning.

Healthier Cash-flow and Reduced DSO

HappSales provides a structured way to track and manage receivables & installments. They follow up with customers using automated scheduling and tracking of collection activities.

The Auto-assignment of collection activities makes the members more accountable. The client is able to drive a tight cadence mechanism to reduce daily sales outstanding (DSO).

They are also able to generate invoices without relying on the availability of the accountant or CA. This eliminated unnecessary delays in shipments and payment collections.

Frugal Business Transformation

HappSales helped the client in transforming their business in a cost-effective way. They did not have to go through a long-drawn implementation cycle. They went live within a few weeks.

The solution framework was customized to digitize and accommodate their as-is processes.

End-users could adopt the application easily without the need for any extensive training.


After implementing HappSales, the client can now accurately measure and improve metrics like sales velocity, rolling four-quarters pipeline, forecasting, conversion rate, sales cycle, receivables, order fulfillment etc. HappSales delivers the competitive advantage required to drive profitable growth. It helps them to stay ahead of their competition.

With superior intelligence, sales teams are empowered to sell better, increase repeat orders by proactive consumption tracking, have greater visibility into operational fulfillment, and can track their customers servicing requirements. With HappSales’ mobile CRM with personal-assistant, the sales team need not spend hours creating excel reports and updating clunky systems. They can easily capture sales data and make them much more productive and happier. This is a very important factor for user-adoption and successful project rollout.

HappSales is not just a CRM for the client. The “Account Management” framework with a mobile app is being fully leveraged as a transformation engine for driving sales growth, customer satisfaction and profitability.

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